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Setting the Bar - Report and Annexes

Setting the Bar
- Final Report
- Executive Summary
- Press release

Safer people, safer homes: Building Safety Management -
- Final Report
- Press release

Working Group 1 – Engineers
Annex 1A Safety management process
Annex 1B Definition of Lead Engineer

Working Group 2 – Installers
Annex 2A Working group terms of reference
Annex 2B Implementation plan
Annex 2C Current competence information from industry

Working Group 3 – Fire Engineers
Annex 3A WG3 mark-up edit of draft RIBA Plan of Work for Fire Safety
Annex 3B Core fire engineering knowledge
Annex 3C UK-SPEC for CEng fire engineers
Annex 3D Knowledge headings from BS 7974

Working Group 4 - Fire Risk Assessors
Annex 4A WG4 Interim Report

Working Group 5 – Fire Safety Officers
Annex 5A Raising the Bar consultation responses for WG5

Working Group 6 – Building Standards Professionals 
Annex 6A Building control competence systems gap analysis
Annex 6B Narrative to the competence framework
Annex 6C Competence framework
Annex 6D Consultation log

Working Group 7 – Building Designers
Annex 7A Interim WG7 Report
Annex 7B Guidance to the compence framework
Annex 7C Architect and building designer competence framework

Working Group 8 – Building Safety Managers
Annex 8A Competence framework (included in Safer People, Safer Homes: Building
Safety Management)

Working Group 9 – Site Supervisors
Annex 9A Competence frameworks
Annex 9B Independent Construction Assessor (ICA) a new role – a detailed description
Annex 9C An American view: design professional site presence in typical US practice
Annex 9D UK evidence supporting independent construction assessment
Annex 9E Consultation log

Working Group 10 – Project Managers
Annex 10A Updated Final Report
Annex 10B Consultation log

Working Group 11 – Procurement Professionals
Annex 11A Updated Final Report
Annex 11B Consultation log