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Report from post Hackitt Review Competence Steering Group

A steering group which was formed to take responsibility for implementing the recommendations of the Dame Judith Hackitt’s Review 'Building a Safer Future', that are concerned with competence have shared their first quarterly report with the Secretary of State, the Rt Hon James Brokenshire MP.

Chaired by CIC Chief Executive Graham Watts OBE, the group is wide- ranging with representatives from a broad alliance of installer, fire, housing, construction and professional organisations from within the industry. It is thought this is possibly the broadest alliance of organisations in these sectors to work together for a single purpose.

The Steering Group had set up eleven working groups who are each dealing with a key sector identified in 'Building a Safer Future' which is engaged in the commissioning, design, delivery, management and maintenance of Higher-Risk Residential Buildings (HRRB’s).

The first quarterly report published in July can be viewed here and broadly sets out a process for implementing the recommendations in 'Building a Safer Future'.  A second quarterly report will be published in October on the initial outcomes of the groups work and setting out milestones for future deliverables.