The Construction Industry Council (CIC) is the representative forum for the professional bodies, research organisations and specialist business associations in the construction industry.

Apprenticeships and Skills Reference Group

Following on from the CIC Apprenticeship Task Group work completed in 2020 and the publication of the Build Back Better: Improving the apprenticeship system to better support infrastructure report in September 2020, the CIC was asked how it, along with other stakeholders, could take forward the recommendations therein.  As a result, the CIC Apprenticeship and Skills Reference Group (ASRG) Task Group was formed. It will be responsive to, and respond to, a range of forthcoming Apprenticeship and Skills policies and initiatives, informing and presenting a single voice on the technical and professional skills (and apprenticeships) needed for construction and built environment.

Short term focus - by end of July 2021

  1. Come together and generate the evidence base to inform and present a united front with regards to technical and professional apprenticeships and skills;
  2. Support input into the wider work of the Construction Leadership Council (CLC); and
  3. Influence others through appropriate stakeholder engagement.

The ASRG has met regularly during this period, identifying the key issues, prioritising these, and presenting potential solutions to others to adapt and gain greater traction.

  • Meeting 1 - Identifying, Agreeing and Prioritising the Issues
  • Meeting 2 - Degree Apprenticeship Policy
  • Meeting 3 – Developing CIC Position Statement to feed into forthcoming IFATE Degree Apprenticeship Review

CIC supports the ASRG by ensuring there is clarity of collective voice for CIC members and its stakeholders, enabling better informed actions by Government bodies and through the CLC and its action plans. The (ASRG) Reference Group consists of a number of high-profile employers, professional body members, and a select number of other stakeholders, all of whom have significant experience in the apprenticeships and skills fields, are able to readily access evidence to support actions coming from the ASRG, and are able to engage and influence others appropriately.  Members include RICS, RTPI, IWFM, ACE/TAC, ARB, RIBA, CABE, CIAT, ICE, ISSE, CIHT, ttogether with Arup, Gardiner & Theobald, Mott MacDonald, Scott Brownrigg, Tony Gee, Troup Bywaters + Anders.

Consultation Reponse

23 July 2021 - CIC Position Statement: IFATE Review of Degree Apprenticeships - Consultation