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Cities – adaptation without mitigation is immoral

From growing populations, climate change, environmental risks and increasing dependencies of infrastructure systems, how can we create and manage truly sustainable cities?

CIRIA is pleased to announce it’s inaugural annual debate to explore the challenges around balancing efforts of mitigation and adaption in cities and the negative and positive aspects of increased urbanisation.

This event will bring together an expert panel of leading figures from the engineering sector to debate issues of population growth, environmental risks and increasing dependences of infrastructure systems – some of the critical challenges of the 21st Century.


•Keith Clarke, Vice President ICE & Vice Chair of Future Cities Catapult (Event Chair)

•Sean Lockie, Director, Head of Carbon+Sustainability Services, Atkins

•Prof Peter Head, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Ecological Sequestration Trust

•Emma Howard-Boyd, Acting Chairman, Environment Agency & Vice Chair of Future Cities Catapult


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