The Construction Industry Council (CIC) is the representative forum for the professional bodies, research organisations and specialist business associations in the construction industry.

Green Sky Thinking Week

Green Sky Thinking is a week long, London-wide events programme for built environment and property professionals highlighting innovative practice on how we 'design in' sustainability for London. 
Unlike conferences or tradeshows the events are informal and on-site project talks, thereby providing 'real' exemplars for the industry to learn from. Each event is expert-led, hosted by organizations foremost in the delivery of sustainable design. 


  • One week (20-24 April 215)
  • 55+ onsite and project specific events
  • Hosted by experts in the field

What is our aim?
The purpose of the programme is to enable industry and its clients to:

  • Find out about sustainable solutions that really work and visit specific live examples, continueing the 'seeing is believing' model of Open-City's public engagment programme Open House London
  • Talk face-to-face with top experts and key individuals who are responsible for designing, delivering and managing successful schemes
  • Strengthen cross-sector working by building new partnerships and connections
  • Gain a holistic and cross-disciplinary understanding of how sustainable development is being practically applied across London
  • Understand the current technologies, policy & thinking and how these translate into practice

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