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Healthy Design, Creative Safety - Symposium

RIBA and CIC will be holding a Symposium, jointly funded by Atkins, to explore interrelationships between the needs of the construction industry and delivery of health and safety teaching by university schools.

Representatives of all UK schools of architecture, the industry (including design professionals) together with the Health and Safety Executive are invited to attend. It is envisaged that delegates will begin the process of creating an industry-wide learning and delivery environment, with the purpose of further reducing ill-health, injury, and death in construction, whilst maintaining the highest standards of design excellence. This event will explore both how good practice within the existing academic landscape can be shared, and identify areas where further work is required.

We will draw on the finding s and recommendations of the newly published report *Healthy Design, Creative Safety*__ which identifies good academic practice, including creative ideas for delivering health and safety learning within the syllabus. The intention is to inspire schools to reinvigorate the delivery of this challenging and important part of the curriculum in a proportionate and stimulating way. The involvement of the CIC signals the significance of this area to the wider construction industry, which demands architects enter the industry equipped with appropriate skills, knowledge, and attitudes.

Paul Bussey’s Letter

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