The Construction Industry Council (CIC) is the representative forum for the professional bodies, research organisations and specialist business associations in the construction industry.


CIC is delighted to be working with e-Learning and accreditation experts Accredex to help provide innovative and timely e-learning for industry professionals. 

Managing Procurement Fraud

We have now released our first course Managing Procurement Fraud a unique ground-breaking course that will help protect brand reputations and could potentially reduce businesses purchasing costs by up to 15% a year. The course includes over 4 hours of relevant advice and corporate guidance, along with best practice skills and techniques.

Other Courses Coming Soon:

  • Work SMARTER not harder and achieve more!
  • Security awareness training & simulated phishing platform - helping you manage the ongoing problem of social engineering

If you have suggestions for any future courses you would like to see avaliable please click here to let us know.