The Construction Industry Council (CIC) is the representative forum for the professional bodies, research organisations and specialist business associations in the construction industry.


Image result for jo churchill Jo Churchill (Conservative) - Chair





Earl of Lytton  (Crossbench) - Deputy Chair



Helen Hayes MP (Labour) Vice- Chair




Lord Howie of Troon (Labour) - Treasurer



Graham Watts OBE  - CIC - Secretariat

Graham has been involved with CIC since 1989. Initially, as a member of the Council and its Executive Board, then as a Director, he was appointed Chief Executive and Secretary in October 1991. He is a member of the Strategic Forum for Construction and its Executive Committee and Olympic Task Force, which is hosted by CIC, and a Board member of ConstructionSkills. Additionally he is a Visiting Professor at the University of Northumbria. He is an Honorary Fellow of the RIBA, CIBSE, the ABE, ICWCI, BIID and the Faculty of Building and an Honorary Member of the RICS and CIAT. He was awarded the President’s Medal of the CIOB in 2000 and the Peter Stone Award of the Association of Building Engineers in 1996. Prior to joining CIC, Graham was Chief Executive of the British Institute of Architectural Technologists (a member of CIC) from 1983.