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Inquiry into the Quality of New Build Housing in England


Lord Best, Helen Hayes MP, Rt Hon Maria Miller MP, Oliver Colvile MP, Tony Burton, Rt Hon Nick Raynsford

For its fourth Inquiry the All Party Parliamentary Group for Excellence in the Built Environment looked into the quality and workmanship of new build housing in England. The report was launched on 13 July 2016.

The full report can be found here

The full list of written submissions, additional evidence and notes from the meetings can be found under Submission and Session tabs on the left hand side.

The APPG for EBE Commission of this Inquiry comprised of members of both Houses of Parliament and senior members of the construction professions.

Lord Best
Peter Bonfield OBE
Tony Burton
Oliver Colvile MP
Helen Hayes MP
The Earl of Lytton
Rt Hon Maria Miller MP
Turlogh O’Brien 
Rt Hon Nick Raynsford
Stephen Stone
Andy Von Bradsky

For more inofrmation on the Inquiry, please contact Kamila Tomaszewska (Tuesday-Thursday) on or 0207 399 7414 or the office of Oliver Colvile MP on 0207 219 6839 

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