The Construction Industry Council (CIC) is the representative forum for the professional bodies, research organisations and specialist business associations in the construction industry.

Inclusive Environments Recognition Certification scheme

CIC’s ‘Inclusive Environments Recognition’ certification is awarded to organisations which support and follow the CIC Essentials Principles Guide for Clients, Developers and Contractors.

CIC’s ‘Inclusive Environments Recognition’ Scheme has a two-stage approach. The first of these recognises those organisations that are following the Essentials Principles Guide, and honours them with a certificate valid for a five-year period.

Once an organisation has received recognition they can progress to the second stage and submit individual buildings or projects undertaken to receive a further certificate for permanent display inside that building.

In order to be considered for recognition from CIC, organisations must submit the following evidence to show that they support the six essential principles:

  1. Appointment of an Inclusive Environmental Champion at Board / Trustee Level
  2. A copy of your Inclusive Design Strategy
  3. An example of Inclusive Design requirements included in a Project Brief and Project Budget
  4. An example of how your procurement process has addressed inclusive design
  5. Evidence of the use of Access and Inclusive Design expertise and of consultation with diverse users
  6. Evidence of monitoring and appraisal of completed projects to assess outcomes and successes in creating accessible and inclusive environments

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