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Watch the Raising the Bar conference in full

The conference on Raising the Bar from 18 October is now available to watch in full.


The videos are split up as follows:

Video 1: Setting the scene: what industry has been asked to do (Graham Watts, Chair, CSG). Watch here.

Video 2: MHCLG Perspective of the Building a Safer Future consultation (Lindsey Lewis, MHCLG) and questions. Watch here.

Video 3: Framework and the role of UKAS and EngC (Scott Steadman, BSI, WG0). Watch here.

Video 4: Questions and Panel discussion (Malcolm Hynd, UKAS, Scott Steedman, BSI, Katy Turff, Engineering Council). Watch here.

Video 5: Products and Procurement (Mike Foy, CIOB WG11 and Peter Caplehorn, CPA, WG12) and Questions. Watch here.

Video 6: Pre-construction (Nabila Zulfiqar, Co-Chair of Building Designers, WG7 and Neil Gibbins, Institution of Fire Engineers, WG3) and Questions. Watch here.

Video 7: Construction (Nick Jarman, Stanhope Plc, WG2, and Peter Dawber, Solvere, WG9, and Steven Thompson, RICS, WG10) and Questions. Watch here.

Video 8: In Occupation (Dennis Davis, Fire Sector Federation, WG4 and Anthony Taylor, Avison Young, WG8, and George Adams, SPIE UK and EngC, WG1) and Questions. Watch here.

Video 9: Inspection (Adreena Parkin-Coates, National Fire Chiefs Council, WG5 and Wayne Timperley, LABC and Manchester City Council, WG6) and Questions. Watch here.

Video 10: ISSG response to Raising the Bar and Questions (Paul Nash, CIOB and ISSG). Watch here.


The presentation slides from each video can be found here.

The consultation closes on 31 October. Please leave your feedback here.


The Interim Report, Executive Summary and accompanying Annexes can be downloaded here:

Raising the Bar Interim Report

Raising the Bar Executive Summary

Raising the Bar  Appendix A (Working Group 1-3)

Raising the Bar  Appendix A (Working Group 4-12)

Raising the Bar Appendix B – Building Safety Coordinator