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MHCLG Consultation on a single housing ombudsman


The recent MHCLG consultation seeks views on improving redress in the housing sector, including exploring the option of a single housing ombudsman, and will close on 16 April 2018.

Issues covered, include:

  • the current complaints and redress landscape, how it is working and if more can be done to improve it
  • what standards and services should be expected of a redress scheme/an ombudsman
  • how to fill the existing gaps between current services
  • whether a single ombudsman service is needed to simplify access to redress across housing, and if so, what form that should take and what its remit should be.


Strengthening consumer redress in the housing market: a consultation


Ref: ISBN 978-1-4098-5194-3 PDF, 528KB, 41 pages


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