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Former CIC Director of Skills awarded Honorary CIAT Membership

The Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists is delighted to announce that Honorary Membership has been awarded to David Cracknell MCIAT, Chartered Architectural Technologist, for ‘his immeasurable work and influence for, and on behalf of, the education of those within Architectural Technology and his immense and significant contribution to the Institute’s membership qualifying process.’

David was Director of Skills and Lifelong Learning at the Construction Industry Council (CIC) until June of this year when he retired.  During this time he completed immense work in the development, identification and classification of National Occupational Standards for the built environment sector.  He also co-authored the fundamental book Architectural Technology – The Constructive Link.

Honorary Membership is the highest honour that the Institute can bestow on an individual for their work of distinction or outstanding service to the Institute.  In the Institute’s lifetime, Honorary Membership has been awarded to 24 recipients.

David Cracknell HonMCIAT MCIAT said ‘It has been a great privilege to serve the Institute and to see it grow.  I have always believed, and continue to believe, that Architectural Technology is at the very heart of the whole lifelong design/construction/use process.  I am completely overwhelmed by this recognition from my Institute.’

Colin Orr PCIAT, President, said ‘Without the drive, skills and character of David, the Institute would not be where it is today and the discipline not as respected as it is now.  His work has ensured that the Institute remains exclusive yet inclusive.’

The Gold Award recipients were also announced for 2013 which recognises Chartered Members who have demonstrated an outstanding service or commitment.  They were Brian Davies MCIAT for dedicated service to the Republic of Ireland Centre, Uel Marcus MCIAT for dedicated service to the Northern Ireland Region, Stephen Nicholls MCIAT for dedicated service to the North West Region and Andrew Scott MCIAT for dedicated service to the Institute.