The Construction Industry Council (CIC) is the representative forum for the professional bodies, research organisations and specialist business associations in the construction industry.

Liability Panel

CIC’s work in the area of contracts, insurance and legal liability issues is undertaken by the Liability Panel, one of CIC’s longest running committees. The panel has some 40 members consisting of representatives from CIC’s membership, the legal professions and specialist insurers. Members of the main Liability Panel meet five times a year and in addition to the main committee, there are also smaller sub-groups which are set up to enable the Liability Panel to provide a rapid response to a fast moving area. Currently there is a Liability Panel BIM Sub-group in operation. The Liability Panel is chaired by Sarah Lupton.

Key Objectives

  • Consider liability, legal and insurance issues that affect CIC’s members.
  • Keep CIC’s members informed about such issues and publish guidance.
  • Draft and publish standard form contract documentation for consultants.
  • Campaign for changes in proposed or existing law.
  • Work with other construction industry bodies to achieve these ends.


Major current projects of the Liability Panel include:

  • Input into the BIM Protocol which will govern all construction contracts that using Building Information Modelling.
  • The Review of current CIC contracts and the publication of new contracts.
  • Publication of guidance in the form of Risk Management Briefings, which examine current areas of concern in relation to liability.


CIC produces three main types of contracts:

  • A Consultants’ Contract comprising three main elements
  • Novation agreements
  • Collateral warranties

At present the Scope of Services portion of the Consultants’ Contract is being updated to bring it into line with the new CIC BIM Protocol and the new unified Plan of Work. After these documents are published in spring 2013, the CIC Novation Agreements and Collateral Warranties will be reviewed and updated. These documents are available under the publications section of the website.

As part of a long campaign in support of standardised contracts the Liability Panel sent a submission in the form of a letter to Lord Sasoon. On page 12 of the Government Construction Strategy, published in 2011, it was stated that the Government would: “ move towards using only standard forms of contract with minimal amendment for all new central government procurement activity”.