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HMRC Corporate Criminal Offences Conference - Nottingham

HMRC is currently arranging conferences for construction sector customers in regards to the Corporate Criminal Offences legislation.

The conferences are to be held at HMRC’s Nottingham office on 20th of April and 14th of May and will include presentations on organised labour fraud and due diligence as well industry panels and plenty of Q&A sessions.

The conferences will be HMRC facilitated and aim to be a safe space where companies can share best practice, raise any concerns or ask questions regarding their responsibilities and the legislation.

At the conferences HMRC will not endorse particular processes as we recognise what works for one company may not work for another and that the companies themselves are best placed to decide what is appropriate.

Although these conferences are aimed at larger construction companies, the HMRC team welcome thoughts from any companies who have not received an invite if they feel a similar event in the future would be beneficial for them.

If anyone is interested in attending please contact