The Construction Industry Council (CIC) is the representative forum for the professional bodies, research organisations and specialist business associations in the construction industry.

Council Members

Council members are nominated for one year by CIC Members.   Tier A Members nominate three representatives; Tier B Members nominate two representatives; and Tier C Members nominate one representative.   In addition, the CIC Chairman is a member of Council. 

The current Council membership for 2016/17 is:

ALAFAT, Terry [representing CIH]

BLACKBURN, Jeremy [representing RICS]

BLYTHE, Christopher [representing CIOB]

BAVEYSTOCK, Nick [representing ICE]

BROYD, Tim [representing ICE]

BLUNDEN, Kevin [representing CABE]

BONFIELD, Peter [representing BRE]

BERRIMAN, Francesca [representing CIAT]

CRUDGINGTON, Andrew [representing ICE]

CHAKRAVATHY, Bobby [representing APS]

COOK, Daniel [representing LI]

DOBSON, Adrian [representing RIBA]

DUNCAN, Jane [representing RIBA]

ELWORTHY, Katherine [representing BIID]

EVANS, Julia [representing BSRIA]

EVERALL, Paul [representing LABC]

FIELD, John [representing CIBSE]

FIRTH, Ian [representing IStructE]

GERAGHTY, Peter [representing RTPI]

GINDA, Tony [representing CABE]

HALL, Peter [representing IIRSM]

HARDY-BISHOP, Phil [representing RICS]

HARTWIG, Rick [representing IET-BES]

ISGAR, Phil [representing APM]

LOW, Alison [representing ACA]

MARSH, Ken [representing GF]

MATTHEWS, Stephen [representing CIBSE] 

MCLEOD, Lesley [representing APS]

MEES, Gary [representing CIAT]

MINSON, Andrew [representing IStructE]

MORRIS, Rachel [representing ICWCI]

OGUNSHAKIN, Nelson [representing ACE]

PATTEN, Dwight [representing ACE]

PERCY, Sue [representing CIHT]

PRYKE, Bill [representing CICES]

QUINTON, Mike [representing NHBC]

SCOTT, Richard [representing LABC]

SHARMA, Tony [representing ISSE]

SIDNICK, Lewis [representing NHBC]

STRONG, Gary [representing RICS]

TUTTLE, Eddie [representing CIOB]

TRAFFORD, Niall [representing BRE]

VALLANCE, Alan [representing RIBA]

VENNIX, Dirk [representing CIRIA]

WELLMAN, Kevin [representing CIPHE]

WILKINS, Paul [representing ACAI]

WILKINSON, Paul [representing CIPR]

WOOD, Tony [representing CQSA]

Additionally, each Member, Associate Member is entitled to send an observer  and the Chair of each CIC Nation and Region is also entitled to attend as observers, as are the directors of CIC who are not formally representatives of CIC Members.